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Little Steps to a Big Dream

For the Love of Adventure

By LizzS · November 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Here I am now, taking my first steps to a larger dream revolved around the love for travel, people, adventure and flying.

I am writing now to share my experiences (past, present, and future) of travel to help those with hesitation decide to just go.

Trust me, there is nothing more free than just going, it can be scary, especially the first time you step out that door to a destination close to unknown...but once you do, it is a freedom most unavoidable,unexplainable, and uncomparable to anyother type of freedom.

I hope that my stories will help those with the desire to travel to just go. And for the more experienced travels, I hope that these stories can provide new ideas, and places to travel too. In future blogs I hope to begin providing itineraries and music playlists to help rid some of that hesitation that prevents you from just going.

My First Series of Blogs will cover my upcoming Trip to the Patagonia Region of South America (Dec 17 - Jan 4)

I'll be Hiking/Running to cities within Chile and Argentina through andesadventures.com. A tourism company dedicated to travel in South America. Its actually been voted one of the best Travel Companies on the Earth by National Geographic. Needlesstosay I am pretty freaking excited!

The Cities/Regions I will be travelling to include:

  • Puntas Arenas
  • Otway Sound
  • Puerto Natales
  • Torres Del Paine National Park
  • El Chaten
  • USUAIA!!!!
  • Bahia Lapataia.
  • Buenos Aires


Each day starting tomorrow I will cover each of these Places, which will help me learn as well and when I come back I hope to have many pictures to share with everyone!

Other places I have travelled include Rome, Italy. Amsterdam, Netherlands. and Northern Spain. In the US I've been many many places. All of which I can't wait to share.


If anyone has travels that they would also like to share just email me and I will include it on here.


Have a great sunday.



By LizzS · November 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

America Needs New Holidays.

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